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From: Grace Henderson on April 5th, 2009
Dear Thoughtful, Giving Good Marshall

I have absorbed myself with your loving books, for the second time; in reparation for a blessed Easter. Your words fill my heart and soul with total Love. Thank you very much.

May you and your family have a Blessed Easter.

With heartfelt sincerity, Love, Grace

From: Laura M. Emerson on February 28th, 2009
Dear Marshall,
My husband and I really enjoy your work. Both of us have Cerebral Palsy, so getting ideas for our own book from our minds to paper can be daunting sometimes, but if you can do it, so can we... Thanks for being such a great role model for us!
Laura and Jai

From: Cynthia on February 23rd, 2009
It is truly an honor and a blessing to be able to communicate with you, dear Marshall. Your book Kiss of God ministered to me on the most elementary and deepest level. I am thankful to God for you and your family. I am thankful to God for the gift of your friendship and your book. Your wisdom and encouragement reawakened the little girl in me who for whatever reasons was despondent, desperate and hurting. God bless you and your family

From: Julia Keliikuli-Peters on February 23rd, 2009
Beautiful Child of God,(Marshall)
It's a honor to know an Angel of God. I am trully blessed to read your words, to feel your thoughts, to see your beauty through the eyes of God and to be in your loving grace. Mahalo Ke Akua 'ia o'ia. (Thank you God for you)
You have grown into to a handsome young man and your spiritual being is Gods eternal sunlight, that burns ever gently upon the faces of mankind. It is an honor to know you through your words of Godly inspiration. When I look into the skies of Hawaii and I glance into the cystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, I will always see the hands of Gods creation. Your love (aloha) is one in the same for you and God are one. I live on a island in Hawaii called Molokai. Our population here is 10,000. We don't even have a stop light in our tiny town of Kaunakakai. Molokai has a wonderful name called "Molokai Pule O'O' this means, Molokai the island of Prayer. This island is very spiritual and extremely quiet. You can hear all the creatures of Gods creation when you arise to the light of morning. I pray we will meet one day. Your words have touched my heart strings to God, for that I am eternally greatful. My special thought that I would like to share with you today is "An Attitude of Gratitude". My day is filled with Gratitude because God sent you for the world and me to hear. Mahalo... (Thank-you) Marshall for I am listening to God daily.

Your dear friend from Hawaii,

From: Barbara on February 17th, 2009
I am reading the book, 'KISS OF GOD' it is one of the most inspiring experience, to witness as i read
God speaking through one of His children. A very
teaching book. Thanks Marshall.

From: Mark Thompson on January 20th, 2009
Dear marshall,

On January 15, 2009, I was walking through the Walmart in Huntington Beach where I work as a greeter. I saw your book in the small book section we have there and I was intriqued by the title. For the past few days (acutally, the past year), I had been going through a rough patch with my life. Every so often, I feel like God sometimes taps me on the shoulder or slaps the back of my head to tell me, "Here, check this out." And so I read a couple of pages.
Since I was going to lunch, I decided to buy the book so I could read it while I ate. I had read about twenty pages or so when all of a sudden, I grabbed my pen and wrote on the inside of the cover. After I wrote down what I was thinking...and feeling, I realized one word didn't fit so I scribbled it out and put in one that did. It was His way of letting me know i had made a good choice and things will work out for me.
And so, I want to share with you what I wrote inside the cover: Sometimes, when we least expect it, God speaks to us with a loud voice in a quiet manner.
Thank you, Marshall.

From: Katy Cox on January 7th, 2009
You give me hope! And remind me who I am a part of always and all ways. Bless you!

From: Susan on January 5th, 2009
My twin sons are autistic. Michael and Daniel are 15 now. Both are good boys with good hearts. Michael told me he wants you to know he does pretty good in school :-)

From: Nell (Howle) Copeland on December 14th, 2008
Marshall, I just discovered your web site and am so happy about all the good things that have come your way. I'd like to wish and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I treasure the little poem you gave me when I retired from Lake Travis.

From: Beverley Cranston on December 13th, 2008
I received Kiss of God from my sister in 1999, a very sad period in my life as I had unexpectedly lost my loving partner. I imagine that I did read it but it probably got jumbled in my thoughts as so many of my loving family and friends had also sent me other writtings to help me through my grief. I have probably seen the book cover at various times throughout the past years but cannot remember ever picking it up.

Today for whatever reason I saw and picked up Kiss of God (My helper had done a thorough cleaning of my bedroom and in the process this book was on top of a collection by my bed so I glanced at it and picked it up as reading material while sitting on the toilet. This was meant to be as recently I have been having some prolonged unhappy days. Sometime ago a friend (medical doctor) had described me as "manic/depressive" and I do know that I do have periods of "highs" and "lows" (as many people do). But recently (I retired 2 years ago in Dec 2007) I have been wondering if my "lows" are really a depressed state, as they seem a bit more frequent. Kiss of God has not only taken me out of my "feeling sorry for myself" mood but has made me listen even more to my thoughts and act on them. So many of Marshalls poems seem directed at me. I did share "Righteous Thoughts" with my sister, who gave me the book and also another friend who sent me an email this morning relating a "problem" someone had about not knowing what to do as she found out that two of her six guests could not walk or speak. Isn't that a coincidence? Of course I replied that it should not pose a problem at all and referred my friend to Kiss of God and also shared a poem with her.

Next weekend when I have the five children that I plan to entertain for the weekend I will read the poem "Free the World" to them. And I know for sure that I will be taking a newer approach when speaking to my newest grandaughter. Marshalls parents are really an inspiration to us all.

I know that I have been am a true believer in the greatest gift "LOVE" and Marshall has only reconfirmed that feeling in me. This is going to be an even better Christmas for me as I share this abundance of love that seems at times a bit pent up in me.

Please thank Marshall and his wonderful family for me and I wish for them all the blessings during this holiday season and the many years to come. I am so glad to hear that Marshall is still alive and doing well.

Please accept my love, from the bottom of my heart.


Beverley Cranston (usually referred to as Auntie Bev by many).

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