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From: Julie on November 4th, 2004
I started reading a little about you and decided to join your group. I understand you. I identify with Asperger Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, and OCD. I LOVE talking to others that I can relate to.

From: Michael on November 4th, 2004
Thank you, Marshall for your wonderful gift. You say the most beautiful things, things my little sister was never able to say or communicate, but I know they were her thoughts, as well. She has gone to be with the angels now and I know she is singing and laughing and playing everything she did not get to do here on earth. She was special like you, and we miss her greatly, but know that she looks down on us and her thoughts and prayers rain down on us like a cleansing rain. Keep those thoughts coming, we need them.

Thanks Marshall,


From: Nora Rongve on October 16th, 2004
We are all spirits passing through, spending time on this earth, learning and relearning.

We've come here, after making a choice to be here, and live here with free will.

A Gift from our God.

It is people, not unlike yourself, who know many of the underlying answers to many questions of life. You help us all to remember what it means to be a heavenly spirit and child of God of Love.

From: Trish A. Garza on October 10th, 2004

Your wisdowm is beyond the stars. May God continue to bless you with your awesome listening abilities. Thank you for teaching so many that love and kindnes (as Jesus taught) is really what life is all about.

Hugs and Prayers,


From: Leila Karimizand on July 23rd, 2004
Dearest Marshall,

Happy Blessed Birthday to you! I would like to offer this Rumi poem as your birthday gift. May you always be filled with joy, warmth, and happiness.

You came suddenly like resurrection,
like an infinite blessing
and my thoughts burned like trees on fire.
You came today like God Himself,
generous and full of grace,
holding the key to my freedom in your hands.
Both traveller and the road,
the beginning and the end,
You are the gatekeeper of the Sun.
For so long I have lived in pain, suspended
between my longining and my need for bread.
Now that You have risen in my heart
and taken over my thoughts,
I am breaking the pen and leaving the paper.


Rumi Hidden Music
Translated by Maryam Mafi


From: Anne on July 20th, 2004
Having just read your book "A GOOD KISS", I am so in awe of your spiritual connection with God, and also of the balance you've acquired here on earth. You are truely a blessing created by God.

From: Ani Rodriguez on July 13th, 2004
I came across Your Books when ordering a poetry book on amazon.com. When I read the reviews about Your Books, I just HAD to buy them! While doing a search, I came across Your Website. I've read all that I can about You and am truly moved by You. You are an Inspiration to Me. I will share Your books with My Family and Friends. May God Richly You and continue to give You Bright Blessings.

Always From The Heart...
Ani Rodriguez

From: Stacey Quimby on June 23rd, 2004
Great Loving M.B. Today I saw your picture for the first time, since reading your book. You are an angel of love. I'm blessed to have been given your book. It touched my life. I have always enjoyed listening to other's stories in life. It gives me a since of happiness deep inside. At the end of "A Good Kiss" the letter's were wonderful! They were the Best tears I have cried in so long, THANKS! My heart & LOVE goes out to you & your caring family! They are truely great for helping your books to be read. So few people have true happiness! Friends, family & God. I believe they give us this true happiness. You & I may never meet, yet I will always concider you a friend. I myself am a native Texan, from Nacogdoches. My grand father lived in Austin, he has passed away now. Austin is a beautiful place to visit or live! I am sure you enjoy the view & the sounds of nature. Well I will end this letter for now, But I do plan to write again. Thanks for your Time & Help! Best wishes Always, your friend W/ LOVE, XOXO's Stacey Q.

From: Chelsie C Wilcox on June 21st, 2004
i've read your books,and your words touched my heart. I have Cerebral palsy.. I have a website that I share with my boyfriend Jon, and he has Autism.


God Bless,

From: Mollie P. Sample on June 13th, 2004
Hi Marshall. I have had your book for a long time. Whenever I feel lost or lonely or filled with negative thoughts, I read your poetry in Kiss of God. The good God works through you to keep our hearts focused on good and righteous things. Keep bringing forth words of hope, wisdom and loveliness. God Bless you and your family.

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