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From: Glenda Bryant on January 19th, 2006
marshall you are an angelic creation by God and what He gave you is wonderful..thoughts of Love, Peace and Hope for this world..God bless you for being YOU and for being born.. Love you!! glenda Bryant age 55

From: Ayana on January 3rd, 2006
I just thought of you today and decided to check your website to see how you are doing. I haven't written in a long time. The end of a year, or a new year always brings my soul closer to the Lord. God bless you abundantly. Ayana

From: CHRISTINE on December 11th, 2005
dearest marshall,
god is love and he loves you.
i am love because i am from god
and i love you.

you make me cry when my tears run they mix with the greatest heavenly joy.........

i met a boy like you yesterday & i looked into his eyes
i saw someone in side and i said hello.....
he saw me and we are friends....
i will send your book KISS OF GOD
in the post to his father....
i will tell you when he reads it what happens you are about to change and inform another life.
thank you for teaching, my friends father will be so pleased to know what you say.....
thank you marshall...
good sharing marshall who cares about all the others...

my simple love to you always

From: Bridget MacKillop on November 29th, 2005
I wrote this poem for Marshall and anyone who knows that it can also speak to them too.

The All Within You

by Bridget MacKillop 11-05

See the All within you,
See it shine in your eyes,
Feel it wet in your tears,
Taste it in your words
That sweeten the pages
Like honey on toast,

The all within you
inhales creation
and creates with each exhalation.

You have read the love notes
left by God
on the frosty tips of leaves.
He kissed each one
for your pleasure
and inscribed
His name in yours.


From: Jimmy on October 31st, 2005
Dear Marshall,

I hope you've had a great christmas of magical quality and clarity.

I wrote last time that I would come back with questions and what I have been thinking about is the new world order you write about in your poem "The year 2000".

There are many that acknowledge this change, like the mayans and the hopis. I'm not a supporter of defining through labels, because it's hard for us to separate our impressions from our memories. But there's a special label getting the attention of media right now, which is the Indigo. I know I am one, but I haven't met too many others, with exception for those on the web. I know you are here to help bring this new world order with your good helpfulness, love and brilliant understanding.

Sometimes I find it hard to see the place and worth of my role in a play that is so extensive, but I find comfort in that I have a divine inspiration to teach through art (painting), learn and develope my understanding to better help others this new way. I feel excitement, because it is our duty to create ways of harmony and balance.

A problem that may seem simple became obvious last night. My mother became very mad with my two brothers. She thinks they are ruling over her way to live her life. My brothers are both in the teenage. My youngest brother is quite litterary living in front of the television. I do not really mind since I don't watch it, but my parents would like to see a movie once in a while, but he won't let them. It is obvious that he knows they won't go through with their requests, usually they just tell him and then go away dissappointed. He doesn't seem to remember the need and fun of sharing that he used to. My question is, how can we all remember?

I'm an empty bowl of gratitude to your streams of intelligence.

From stars,

From: Jack Hiott on September 20th, 2005
Marshall, it was my joy to find in you the inspiration for a message I delivered this past Sunday, September 18. I pastor Fellsmere Historical Church. As I was preparing a message on "walking with Christ to Emmaus" as parents and young children, I was led to your story. I shared your mother's comments (Kiss of God, p. xviii) and the closing lines of your poem, "The Battery." For me, and I trust for my congregation, your book has been an "encounter with Christ" after Good Friday, an insiders experience of God's life and work of grace in the midst of an too often graceless world. Thank You for Who You Are, Rev. Jack Hiott.

From: Trish Janzen on August 30th, 2005
Dearest Marshall,

I've just returned home from a trip. As we drove through the magnificent Rockey mountains, I read your book. I feel there is no need for many words, except to express my love for you. You are our limitless God inside of a limited body. Since I was a child I've felt like I left "home" to come here. My God is my all. We all share his beauty!! Your simple words describe in all purity the knowledge I already have, but have set it free. No distance can separate us in our good good realm of love!! I know who you are, Marshall. A love of this kind cannot hide from understanding eyes. I love you, Marshall.

peacefully lovingly,

From: Alice on July 22nd, 2005
Dear Marshall,
you are an angel in the world.
Bye Alice

From: Liza Ingram on May 27th, 2005
Dear Marshall

my heart is a forest fire. you gentleness inspires me to live in a world where i have seen the devistation of the hearts of many. your words are pin points of light in my long darkness. your spirit is rain to the burning world and my burning heart. my greatest desire is to speak with you personally. maybe some day.

recieving your quiet kisses

From: Bridget Stuart on May 7th, 2005
Dear Marshall, I have just been blessed with discovering your book while sitting near the bedside of my dear friend's son, Wyatt Jeshua Noah Bastarache. Such a long, regal name for one so little. He, too, will never talk or walk. But his Mommy, Eryn, gives good love and good kisses to him because she understands. You have been a source of strength and encouragement to us both. We know he hears, we know he listens to God, and we know he touches lives quietly. Thank you Marshall. We will see you in Heaven - where we will talk and laugh and run. From your friends in Maine - Wyatt, Eryn and Bridget.

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